Instruction, Education and Practical Initiatives



Established by John Hall in 2015 , Ark Advancements employs Nature rather than using Man-Made chemical solutions to help rebuild and (most importantly) re-establish our vital relationship with nature.

From small to medium and large scale projects John is here to help. He offers practical bio-engineering solutions for Landscaping, Natural Garden Design, “Pest” control, (dominant species re-assignment), to the re-establishment of key balancing species, followed by the natural succession of wild species into your chosen space of occupation.

John also offers educational initiatives, talks and tours on a variety of subjects related to the world we live in – past and present.

John Hall has lived and worked in Kent for over a quarter of a century, lecturing in Higher and Further Education. He has also worked with the RSPB as a Practical Field Teacher and taught English as a Foreign Language, engaging with all age groups from Primary School children to University Students and adults in the Life-Long Learning Sector.

His expertise covers such areas as Land-Based Studies, Geographical Topics and the Natural Sciences, but such is the nature  of the modern education system  that many other areas of instruction have been taught and delivered.

Much of John’s work has concentrated primarily on ecology, the environment and the relationships that are found between these disciplines. He views Human systems as part of the natural ecology and not separate as is often indicated by the mechanistic and material viewpoints put forward by Corporate and Media, and often to their shame, Academic establishments across the Globe.

With the identification of past and present problems of this planet, a key issue, and the establishment of sustainable solutions being paramount, he recognises that small solutions lead to much bigger impacts for the future of every living thing on the planet.

It is John’s belief that the solution to many of our 21st Century problems, can be found by working with Nature, rather that against it, or even worse having to be exposed to the present erroneous Corporate attitudes that display a blatant disregard for all things linked to the Natural world.